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Kalkan, is situated in the south western Anatolia which has a history of over 3000 years, is the region where the civilization of Lycians reigned and enhanced mostly before Christ. After the Lycians, the region has been passed into a Hellenistic period, than incorporated to the Ottoman Empire. Before the World War I, there were a Greek community of people living in this very special region of Mediterranean.

Acccomodation Kalkan Acccomodation Kalkan

We would like to show and extend our thanks to all, who lived in this region for leaving it as a precious inheritance.

The view and the scenery is one of the reasons that makes Kalkan so attractive, which seems like a treasurable picture painted by a great painter. Bougainvillea covered houses on the high rocks full with olive trees, typical style narrow streets reflecting the colorful Mediterranean life, realizing its dry, moisture free and healthy weather by every breath you take, its cold spring water coming from the mountains and meeting the sea; which makes the sea even brighter and cleaner than the other regions, are the factors that make Kalkan unique in the geography of Mediterranean besides its history.

Acccomodation Kalkan Acccomodation Kalkan

Kalkan is a great holiday destination for your vacation as it offers you a wide range of varieties like the mystique tours to the antique cities of Lycia Civilization such as Xanthos, Patara, Letoon, Myra. Or you can explore the village life at the high plateaus of "Bezirgan" and "Gömbe" in a comfortably reachable area, and feel the ice cold water at the "Saklikent Gorge". The "Lycian Way" is Turkey's only long-distance footpath, stretching over 400km is just passing through from Kalkan.

Also Kalkan is the town, which is just located very close to the world famous natural beaches "Kaputas" and "Patara". There are public beaches and platform beaches in Kalkan with food and drink services. Platform beaches can be reached through the boats from the Marina. You can reach to the cosy marina of Kalkan by a nice walk through from the classic narrow Mediterranean type streets. Around the marina area, there are many cafes, restaurants and bars that make you forget the time with their warm ambience and services.

Acccomodation Kalkan Acccomodation Kalkan Kalkan has been choosen as the "most romantic holiday destination" by the Independent Newspaper of the United Kingdom. Let the peaceful and beautiful Kalkan to make you enjoy your time.

Acccomodation Kalkan Acccomodation Kalkan